Friday, January 20, 2006

annoying myself now

So, for all you people hitting my blog, which is better: to read some kind of babble I put here because I don't really talk to anyone during a regular day, or seeing no update at all?

I found out what it was that was beeping hourly in my apartment. And let me tell you, those people at Remington really mean it when they say to unplug the appliance when not in use. It was my new hair straightener. See, now, I am one of the few people who reads a user guide all the way through when I buy something from 40 inch plus, and I would have thought it would have TOLD me that the damn thing beeped if I left it plugged in while it was turned off. It's not like it's protecting me against anything, because it has an auto-off feature which turns the thing off after 60 minutes anyway. So now every day I need to reach behind my dresser and unplug the thing so it doesn't annoy me to hell.

I am so out of food that it's not even funny. With the Boy Child being away this week, I didn't exactly prioritize my grocery shopping. I still had Slimfast bars in the pantry and Diet Coke in the fridge for breakfast, and still had one meal in the freezer, so I figured, why grocery shop yet? But I have no frozen lunches at the office, no lunch meat, no bread, no milk, no paper towels … and unless I want vegetable lasagna, nothing to eat for dinner. I guess I ought to do that today after the footjobs.

But I can't overshop, because if it's not consumed by Friday, it'll go bad while I'm gone. I remembered another thing I like about being on my own. About two months ago, I bought a half gallon of Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I don't eat ice cream very often, so it lasts me a while. However, if I were still living with X2B, the whole thing would have been gone in three days without me even having had any of it. Mind you, Spring Thomas wouldn't have eaten ALL of it. He would have left it out on the counter on the third day and it would have melted into a disgusting pile I'd have had to clean up in the morning.

While I was turning up my nose at my $38.52/paycheck raise on Friday, I have since realized that's almost $80/month. Maybe that's not so bad after all. Maybe with NFL training camp starting next week, I should finally get cable. But I saw an ad from Comcast in yesterday's paper and I have to admit that I'm confused as hell by what they're talking about. I haven't had cable vip crew in a few years, having had a dish at the old house, so I have no clue what the difference between standard and digital cable is, what on demand is, and what else I'd have to pay for to even use whatever features they are just making possible with the service. Plus, $30/month is a lot of money, and I should probably put it in the Boy Child's college fund instead of spending it. Hell, the raise probably just covers the increase in gasoline costs since last year.

The only reason I even want cable is to watch my football team play this year. Maybe I should just find a friend who likes the same team and a bar that shows the games and that would be even better.